Spanish sensing technology for waste containers, designed and manufactured by SAYME, leads major international secured projects, through its partners network.

With secured projects for over 2.300 sensed containers in Madrid, 1.600 in Santander, 1.000 in Lugo, 600 in London, 240 in Granada, 3.100 in Cordoba and many others of different quantity in the Canary Islands, Castilla Leon, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Cantabria, among others, as well as in other countries such as in LATAM, USA, Canada and Europe, SAYME is leading the IoT technology market for Smart Waste.

Hence, SAYME’s sensing technology is highly appreciated by the partner channel and their clients as the solution of choice for offering the best benefit-cost ratio of the market, allowing for a quick and simple integration to waste collection management software platforms and transversal platforms for smart cities management.

For here, SAYME would like to thank our national and international partners their reliance and support in the large growing market.

NEC, Indra, Urbaser, Telefónica, Veolia, Contenur, Ferrovial, Accenture, T-System, Connected Baltics, Sigfox, among others.


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