IoT for Waste Collection Management

Real time filling level status of dumpsters, tanks, and cisterns

Alarms in case of fire, overturn, overflow, leak and obstruction

Compatible with any type of waste and container

Technologies: LoRa, Sigfox, GPRS, NB-IoT

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Some clients references


TBA Ferrovial-Urbaser, Spain: municipal dumpsters + trashcans in Madrid. > 2.300 devices

NEC for ASCAN, Spain: complete packaging and cardboard waste collection service in Santander. > 1.600 devices

English facility company, UK: dumpsters in London > 600

TBA NEC-Sice for, Spain: municipal dumpsters in Córdoba. >3.200 devices

Others: Telefónica, Disney Parks, Connected Baltics, FCC, Contenur, Citykinect, Beah