Located in the Technology Park of Zamudio, Bilbao, Accenture’s Centre for Industry X.0 opened on April 3, 2019.

Accenture’s building, a centre of reference for industrial companies, brings in the latest technologies to equip digital transformation projects with the best instruments of the market.

SAYME is selected as the leading partner in IoT solutions design and development, and contributes with their technology for one of the five underpinning mainstays of the digital transformation that Accenture is developing in the industrial sector: the connected worker.

Accenture and SAYME are collaborating to develop innovative solutions such as the smart helmet and the connected vest.

These solutions improve worker security by detecting in real time accidents and incidents and knowing their location for quick assistance and evacuation, among other benefits.

During the inauguration event, Accenture introduced the technology solutions that will lead the digital transformation in the industry for the upcoming years.




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39608 Igollo de Camargo
Cantabria (Spain)

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